Opportunities for AAR Members to participate in the executive leadership of the Eastern International Region as we move into 2021:

The EIR is calling for nominations for Regional Coordinator , Vice President, and Multi-Media Officer. Elections will be held in 2021. To serve on the Executive Board of the EIR, you must be a member of the AAR and be affiliated with an institution in the EIR Region.  If you are interested in serving in either of these positions, please submit your name, your CV, and a statement of interest to the current EIR Regional Coordinator Cynthia Hogan at chogan@washjeff.edu.

Opportunities on the Executive Board of Directors

Regionally Elected Coordinator:
Nominated by the Executive Committee and approved by the regional membership at the EIR annual meeting to serve a 3-year, renewable-once, term aligned with the AAR fiscal year: July 1-June 30. May not serve more than two non-consecutive terms.
Serves the dual role of chief executive officer for the region and EIR representative on the AAR Regions Committee. 
Attends as a voting member the annual Regions Committee meeting held the Friday before the national AAR conference in November. See https://www.aarweb.org/node/113
Chairs any EIR Executive Committee meetings. Chairs the EIR Annual Business Meeting at the annual Regional Conference and serves as a voting member. Attends as a voting member all AAR meetings as required by the AAR Regions Director at the National AAR Meeting held in November. Attends any additional meetings called by the AAR Regions Director. 
As chief executive officer of the EIR, the REC keeps records of EIR proceedings, receives and disburses all EIR funds in accordance with policy and budget, presents at each annual Business Meeting a report of EIR financial transactions.
As representative of the EIR to the AAR Regions Committee, represents the causes and concerns of the EIR to the AAR, serves as liaison between the regional and national organizations, fosters communication between the regional and national organizations, and prepares annual report of the EIR to the AAR. (See appendices.)
Announces the Regional Travel Grant of $300 to be awarded by each region in support of travel expenses for members to attend their regional meetings. The Grant is deposited to the region’s bank account at the same time as the annual subvention. The REC chairs the EIR Travel Grant Committee, accepting applications for grant support and determining how the grant will be awarded.
Manages the EIR election process of all officers except the REC, chairing the Nominating Committee, monitoring the election at the annual Business Meeting, and reporting its results to the EIR and the AAR.
Communicates via email all members in the Region.

Serves a one-year, non-renewable term. Carries out the powers and responsibilities of the President if the President is absent or unable to act. Serves as co-chair of the EIR conference planning committee. Co-chairs committee in organizing panels for the annual conference. Provides procedural guidance to the EIR. Reviews the current Policies & Procedures documentation, updates the Policies and Procedures, works with the REC to update the documentation provided by AAR (Operating Agreement, Regions Handbook). Serves on the EIR Executive Board as a voting member. 

Multi-Media Officer:
Nominated by the Executive Committee and approved by the regional membership at the EIR annual meeting to serve a renewable 2-year term. 
Maintains the EIR website, social media, and/or other media that foster communication within the Region about business, events, and opportunities of interest and relevance to the Region’s membership. Updates Website upcoming events as needed [should be kept up to date monthly]. Supplies required Website maintenance and upgrading. Acts as administrator for the closed EIR Facebook Group Page by ensuring all posted content serves the Group’s intended purposes. 
Ensures that each member of the EIR leadership, comprising the Executive Committee and the Program Chairs, has a current copy of the EIR Policies & Procedures.
Attends the EIR Business Meeting and presents an annual Website analytics report.
Preferred Skills: (1) Wordpress/social media familiarity. (2) Basic digital photo editing skills and access to photo editing software. (3) HTML coding (not necessary, but useful).