Program for the Annual Meeting of the EIR-AAR

Pre-Conference Memory and Performance:
A Colloquium in Honor of Ellen Bradshaw Aitken
McGill University, April 30th, 2015
Birks Building
3520 University Street, Montreal, H3A 2A7


8.30-9.00: Arrival and Coffee (Senior Common Room)

9.00-9.30: Words of Welcome by Ian Henderson (McGill University) (Chapel)

9.30-10.30: Morning Session 1 (Chapel):
Chair: Eliza Rosenberg (McGill University)

Keynote Lecture: Greg Nagy (Harvard University): “The Homeric legacy of Ellen Aitken: Meriones Rides Again”

10.30-11.00 Coffee (Senior Common Room)

11.00-12.30 Morning Session 2 (Chapel):
Chair: Eliza Rosenberg (McGill University)
John Fossey (McGill University): “An Unusual Hero Cult in East Central Greece”
Jeff Keiser (McGill University): “Saint Paul’s Prescription for Hair-esy in Corinth (1 Cor 11:2–16): Nature’s Veil or Epic Fail?”
Meredith Warren (University of Ottawa): “Memories of Scrolls Past: Revelation 10:8–10 in the Sensory Imagination”

12.30-14.00: Lunch (Senior Common Room)

14.00-14.30 Afternoon Session 1 (Chapel):

Armando Salvatore (McGill University), “‘New Horizons in Research and Teaching: Transcendence, Globalization, and the Public Sphere”

14.30-16.00: Afternoon Session 2 (Chapel):
Chair: Fred Tappenden (McGill University)
Cynthia Kitteridge (Seminary of the Southwest): “Taking, Making, and Remaking: Scripture and the Sacramental Imagination”
Judith Newman (University of Toronto): “‘For we know that as you share in our sufferings’: Trauma theory, memory, and the Shaping of the Corinthian Body through 2 Cor 1: 3-11”
Carly Daniel-Hughes (Concordia University): “‘Remembering and Remembered Women’: Funerary Practice and Social Memory in Christian North Africa”

16.00-16.30: Coffee (Senior Common Room)

16.30-17.30: Evening Session 1 (Chapel):
Musical Program: Improvisations from the Renaissance and Baroque
Music: William Porter, Hank Knox, Rona Nadler, and Peter Schubert, with harpsichords and choir.

17.30-20.00: Evening Session 2 (Lobby):

17.30-20.00: Reception

Updated Flyer

Desire and Devotion
American Academy of Religion
Eeastern International Region
May 1-2, 2015, McGill University
Birks Building
3520 University Street, Montreal, Canada H3A 2A7
2015 Schedule

Friday, May 1


12:00, Coffee, Foyer

12:301:45 Session 1
Bring Me Higher Love 1: Gender in Theory, Devotion in Action, Room 203, 12:30-1:45
Mallory Hennigar
Margaret Beth McCutcheon
Sara Parks

Reimagining the Ancient Author, Part 1, Room 204, 12:30-1:45
Sarah E. Rollens
Emma Wasserman
Ian Brown

Devotion in Motion 1: Religious Homes away from Home, Room 205, 12:30-1:45
Siti Hazariah Binte Abu Bakar
Bui Dieu Linh Mai
Mary Stephan

Religious eVotion 1: Desire and Devotion in Digital Age, Room 111, 12:30-1:45
John Borchert
Emily R. Stewart

CREOR Research Group: Nicholas of Cusa and Early Modern Religion, Room 110, 12:30-1:45
Eric Parker
Joshua Hollman
Nathan R. Strunk
Paul SumandeaSimionescu

2:003:15 Session 
Devotion in Motion 2: Peripatetics, Pilgrimage, and Desire, Room 203, 2:00-3:15
Sara Terrault
Mathieu Boisvert
Matthew Anderson

Reimagining the Ancient Author, Part 2, Room 204, 2:00-3:15
Stephen Young
Robyn Faith
Walsh Nafthali Cohn (Respondent)

Philosophy of Religion 1: Born this Way? Natural Desire for Transcendence, Room 2052:00-3:15
Frank Curry
L. Roger Owens
Shaun Retallick

Indian History 1: People Makes Art Makes People, Room 1112:00-3:15
Michael Gollner
Vithya Subramaniam
Praveen Vijayakumar

3:304:45 Session 3
Close to Home 1: Quebec’s Ethics and Religious Culture Program, Room 2033:00-4:45
Arzina Zaver
Sabrina Jafralie
Alice Chan

Bring me Higher Love 2: Poetry and Devotion in Action, Room 2043:00-4:45
Donald L. Boisvert
Vinay Khetia

Desire and Devotion in Pop Culture, Room 2053:00-5:15
Adam D.J. Brett
Raphael Mathieu Legault Laberge and Mathilde Vanasse-­‐Pelletier
Aaron Ricker

5:00 Keynote Speaker 1, Room 111

Devoted to Our Data: Teaching Religion via Online Tools by Nathan Loewen 

5:30 Dinner buffet, Foyer

Saturday, May 2

9:00 Coffee, Foyer

9:1510:55 Session 
What is Caesar’s? Radical Devotion and Political Action, Room 203, 9:15-10:55
Carmen Celestini
Clara Schoonmaker
Evelyn Sterne
Nathan Turner

Body and Devotion in South Asian Traditions, Room 204, 9:30-10:50, 9:15-10:55
Chiara Letizia
Diana Dimitrova
Gita V. Pai
George Pati

American Sacred Space: Construction and Contestation, Room 111, 9:15-10:55
Jennie Wilber
Shannon Boley
Lillia McEnaney
Talia Vaughn

Philosophy of Religion 2: Theory on Practice in High Modernity, Room 110, 9:15-10:55
Richard Greydanus
Jingjing  Li
Cole Sadler
Dan Timmins

11:1012:00 Session 5
Devotion in Motion 3: Poetry in Action, Room 203, 11:10-12:00
Christopher Byrne
Melinda Krokus

Bring Me Higher Love 3: What is Religious Love?, Room 204, 11:10-12:00
Verna Ehret
Melanie Coughlin

Text and Memory in Jewish Tradition, Room 205, 11:10-12:00
Jean Maurais
Miryam Segal

12:001:30, Lunch, Buffet and EIR Business Meeting, Foyer

1:302:45 Session 
Devotion in Motion 4: Missionary Positions, Room 203, 1:30-2:45
Henria Aton
Lisa Blake
Stephanie DuclosKing

SCRIPT Panel 1: Devotion to and with Books, Room 204, 1:30-2:45
Rachel Fell McDermott
Dai H. Newman
James W. Watts

Dearly Departed: Aesthetics of Death and Devotion, Room 205, 1:30-2:45
Danielle Baillargeon
Spyridon Loumakis
Stephanie Machabee

What’s not to Love? Divinity, Perfection and the Human Self, Room 111, 1:30-2:45
J. Tyler Campbell
Rebecca Coughlin
Sayeh Meisami

Apple of His Eye: Devotion and Visual Art, Room 110, 1:30-2:45
Jamie Anne Read
Michael Pittmann
Daniel Saenz

3:004:15 Session 7
Close to Home 2: Devotion and Identity in Montreal, Room 203, 3:00-4:15
Ian Cuthbertson
Martin Lepage
Genvieve Mercier-­‐Dalphond

SCRIPT Panel 2: Devotion to and with Books, Room 204, 3:00-4:15
Michael Como
Urmila Mohan
Group Discussion on devotion to and with books

Discussion Religious eVotion 2: Neuroscience and Spiritual Experience, Room 205, 3:00-4:15
Marc—Andre Argentino
Michael Gardaz
Daniel Moseson

Indian History 2: Discipline and Devotion, Room 111, 3:00-4:15
Travis Chilcott
Christopher Handy

4:30 Keynote Speaker 2, Room 204

Religion Unizipped: Thinking Sex in the Study of Religion by Megan Goodwin

5:15 Wine and Cheese Reception,  Foyer

Adam DJ Brett,
Apr 2, 2015, 7:19 AM