Program for the Annual Meeting of the EIR-AAR

Pre-Conference Memory and Performance:
A Colloquium in Honor of Ellen Bradshaw Aitken
McGill University, April 30th, 2015
Birks Building
3520 University Street, Montreal, H3A 2A7


8.30-9.00: Arrival and Coffee (Senior Common Room)

9.00-9.30: Words of Welcome by Ian Henderson (McGill University) (Chapel)

9.30-10.30: Morning Session 1 (Chapel):
Chair: Eliza Rosenberg (McGill University)

Keynote Lecture: Greg Nagy (Harvard University): “The Homeric legacy of Ellen Aitken: Meriones Rides Again”

10.30-11.00 Coffee (Senior Common Room)

11.00-12.30 Morning Session 2 (Chapel):
Chair: Eliza Rosenberg (McGill University)
John Fossey (McGill University): “An Unusual Hero Cult in East Central Greece”
Jeff Keiser (McGill University): “Saint Paul’s Prescription for Hair-esy in Corinth (1 Cor 11:2–16): Nature’s Veil or Epic Fail?”
Meredith Warren (University of Ottawa): “Memories of Scrolls Past: Revelation 10:8–10 in the Sensory Imagination”

12.30-14.00: Lunch (Senior Common Room)

14.00-14.30 Afternoon Session 1 (Chapel):

Armando Salvatore (McGill University), “‘New Horizons in Research and Teaching: Transcendence, Globalization, and the Public Sphere”

14.30-16.00: Afternoon Session 2 (Chapel):
Chair: Fred Tappenden (McGill University)
Cynthia Kitteridge (Seminary of the Southwest): “Taking, Making, and Remaking: Scripture and the Sacramental Imagination”
Judith Newman (University of Toronto): “‘For we know that as you share in our sufferings’: Trauma theory, memory, and the Shaping of the Corinthian Body through 2 Cor 1: 3-11”
Carly Daniel-Hughes (Concordia University): “‘Remembering and Remembered Women’: Funerary Practice and Social Memory in Christian North Africa”

16.00-16.30: Coffee (Senior Common Room)

16.30-17.30: Evening Session 1 (Chapel):
Musical Program: Improvisations from the Renaissance and Baroque
Music: William Porter, Hank Knox, Rona Nadler, and Peter Schubert, with harpsichords and choir.

17.30-20.00: Evening Session 2 (Lobby):

17.30-20.00: Reception

Updated Flyer

Desire and Devotion
American Academy of Religion
Eeastern International Region
May 1-2, 2015, McGill University
Birks Building
3520 University Street, Montreal, Canada H3A 2A7
2015 Schedule

Friday, May 1


12:00, Coffee, Foyer

12:301:45 Session 1
Bring Me Higher Love 1: Gender in Theory, Devotion in Action, Room 203
Mallory Hennigar
Margaret Beth McCutcheon
Sara Parks

Reimagining the Ancient Author, Part 1, Room 204
Sarah E. Rollens
Emma Wasserman
Ian Brown

Devotion in Motion 1:Religious Homes away from Home, Room 205
Siti Hazariah Binte Abu Bakar
Bui Dieu Linh Mai
Mary Stephan

Religious eVotion 1: Desire and Devotion in Digital Age, Room 111
John Borchert
Emily R. Stewart
Roxanne Marcotte, Jennifer Selby, A. Brenda Anderson, Rubina Ramji

2:003:15 Session 
Devotion in Motion 2: Peripatetics, Pilgrimage, and Desire, Room 203
Sara Terrault
Mathieu Boisvert
Matthew Anderson

Reimagining the Ancient Author, Part 2, Room 204
Stephen Young
Robyn Faith
Walsh Nafthali Cohn (Respondent)

Philosophy of Religion 1: Born this Way? Natural Desire for Transcendence, Room 205
Frank Curry
L. Roger Owens
Shaun Retallick

Indian History 1: People Makes Art Makes People, Room 111
Michael Gollner
Vithya Subramaniam
Praveen Vijayakumar

3:304:45 Session 3
Close to Home 1: Quebec’s Ethics and Religious Culture Program, Room 203
Sabrina Jafralie
Alice Chan
Arzina Zaver

Bring me Higher Love 2: Poetry and Devotion in Action, Room 204
Donald L. Boisvert
Vinay Khetia

Desire and Devotion in Pop Culture, Room 205
Adam D.J. Brett
Raphael Mathieu
Legault Laberge and Mathilde Vanasse-­‐Pelletier
Aaron Ricker

5:00 Keynote Speaker 1, Room 111

Devoted to Our Data: Teaching Religion via Online Tools by Nathan Loewen 

5:30 Dinner buffet, Foyer

Saturday, May 2

9:00 Coffee, Foyer
9:3010:50 Session 
What is Caesar’s? Radical Devotion and Political Action, Room 203
Carmen Celestini
Clara Schoonmaker
Evelyn Sterne
Nathan Turner

Body and Devotion in South Asian Traditions, Room 204
Chiara Letizia
Diana Dimitrova
Gita V. Pai
George Pati

CREOR Research Group: Nicholas of Cusa and Early Modern Religion, Room 205
Eric Parker
Joshua Hollman
Nathan R. Strunk
Paul SumandeaSimionescu

American Sacred Space: Construction and Contestation, Room 111
Jennie Wilber
Shannon Boley
Lillia McEnaney
Talia Vaughn

Philosophy of Religion 2: Theory on Practice in High Modernity, Room 110
Richard Greydanus
Jingjing  Li
Cole Sadler
Dan Timmins

11:0511:55 Session 5
Devotion in Motion 3: Poetry in Action, Room 203
Christopher Byrne
Melinda Krokus

Bring Me Higher Love 3: What is Religious Love?, Room 204
Verna Ehret
Melanie Coughlin

Text and Memory in Jewish Tradition, Room 205
Jean Maurais
Miryam Segal

12:001:30, Lunch, Buffet and EIR Business Meeting, Foyer

1:302:45 Session 
Devotion in Motion 4: Missionary Positions, Room 203
Henria Aton
Lisa Blake
Stephanie DuclosKing

SCRIPT Panel 1: Devotion to and with Books, Room 204
Rachel Fell McDermott
Dai H. Newman
James W. Watts

Dearly Departed: Aesthetics of Death and Devotion, Room 205
Danielle Baillargeon
Spyridon Loumakis
Stephanie Machabee

What’s not to Love? Divinity, Perfection and the Human Self, Room 111
J. Tyler Campbell
Rebecca Coughlin
Sayeh Meisami

Apple of His Eye: Devotion and Visual Art, Room 110
Jamie Anne Read
Michael Pittmann
Daniel Saenz

3:004:15 Session 7
Close to Home 2: Devotion and Identity in Montreal, Room 203
Ian Cuthbertson
Martin Lepage
Genvieve Mercier-­‐Dalphond

SCRIPT Panel 2: Devotion to and with Books, Room 204
Michael Como
Urmila Mohan

Discussion Religious eVotion 2: Neuroscience and Spiritual Experience, Room 205
Marc—Andre Argentino
Michael Gardaz
Daniel Moseson

Indian History 2: Discipline and Devotion, Room 111
Travis Chilcott
Christopher Handy

4:30 Keynote Speaker 2, Room 204

Religion Unizipped: Thinking Sex in the Study of Religion by Megan Goodwin

5:15 Wine and Cheese Reception,  Foyer

Adam DJ Brett,
Apr 4, 2015, 2:45 PM
Adam DJ Brett,
Apr 2, 2015, 7:19 AM